Teresa Macchia



Knowledge Infrastructuring Design Museum

I am PhD in computer science with a sociological background. I have been visiting researcher in the Systems of Representation research group at the Media Lab in the Aalto University, and in the EVOKE Lab at the UCI Department of Informatics.

My research focuses on dynamics of constructing knowledge between people in Technologically Enhanced Museum Environment and adopts the concept of Infrastrcuturing for describing the processes and the elements across the construction of knowledge.




Infrastructuring knowledge


Macchia, T. (Forthcoming) Infrastructuring Knowledge in Cultural Infrastrcuture. International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development (IJSKD)

Macchia, T. (Forthcoming) Design exhibition through technological Infrastructuring. In Designing work, technology, organizations and vice versa (Ed.) Bruni, A. Paroli L. L., and Shubert, C. Vernon Press.

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Macchia, T., Salgado, M. (2014). “You could have told me!” Collaboration on the Design of Interactive Pieces for Museums. A case study. NODEM. Design Digital Heritage Conference. Warsaw, Poland.