Silvia Bordin



User-Centred Design Agile Development CSCW

+39 348 085 8445

MSc in Computer Science, I worked as an interaction designer, specialised in human-computer interaction and then started my PhD. I am working at the intersection between technical and humanistic competences, between research and entrepreneurship.

I am interested in the integration of user-centred design and Agile development, particularly concerning how to facilitate it within the working practices of IT companies.





UCD and Agile in IT companies


Smart Campus


Bordin, S., Menéndez Blanco, M., and De Angeli, A. Catch me if you can: reconciling Agile and UCD. Workshop on the Integration of UCD and Agile Development, NordiCHI 2014.

Bordin, S., Menéndez Blanco, M., and De Angeli, A. ViaggiaTrento: an application for collaborative sustainable mobility. EAI Endorsed Transactions on Ambient Systems 14, 4 (10 2014).

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