Chiara Bassetti


Social Study of ICT Ethnography   Socio-Technical Systems Ethnomethodology

Working within an ethnomethodological framework, I am expert in ethnography, conversation analysis and video-analysis. My research focus rests on the minute details of human action-in-interaction, with particular attention to nonverbal, embodied and affective aspects, and the role of tools and technologies in multimodal interaction. Since 2012 I work in interdisciplinary teams (e.g., project VisCoSo at ISTC-CNR, project PIE News at DISI-UNITN), contributing to the design and development of diverse technologies. I teach Qualitative Methods and Human-Computer Interaction classes at the Department of Sociology and Social Research and the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science.



PIE News

From Sharing to Caring

Professions of Musical Creativity



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